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Why? Why? Why that price?

How did you come to this pricing?

I can't count how many times I've heard

“Wedding photographers are SO exspensive!”
“Why do you charge what you do?”

 I also can not count how many times I have heard photographers break down their prices for people to hopefully understand. Usually the photographer will try to explain something that resembles an algebraic formula. 

(Total cost - photographers exspenses (second shooter, insurance etc)) ÷ total hours worked (shooting, editing, meetings) = hourly pay

At the end of it all will pop up an hourly rate that may cause you to reevaluate your original question. PHOTOGRAPHERS STOP BREAKING DOWN YOUR COST.

Let me offer an alternative way to look at the cost of a photographer.

in 10 years... no scratch that in 3 days after your wedding what will be left to show for it? Of all the exspenses put into your speacial day only about one or two are steadfast. The photographs and/or video. Think about it, it's true.

The make up will be down the drain, the hair slept on, cake will be eaten, liquor passed as well as food, the dress although you will keep it may never be worn practically again, the venue will be a memory and the music will tune out over time. It is your photographs that will remain, your video. Those are what your children, family and you yourself will look at 10, 20, 30 years from now. Safe to say those may be one of the most important exspenses you pay for. 

Now the price. Yes we do break down cost to make sure we are getting an ammount we think is fair to both parties. But just like a Louis Vuitton purse the money paid is mostly for the style, talent, quality and/or luxury of the photographer you choose. A purse may only cost $5 in labor, material, shipping yet we have no issue paying $1300 to have the luxury of the brand, quality,  confidence wearing it, and the look it provides.

So, if you are a photographer consider what I have said above and do not break down your cost. Not only does it cheapen you but it may show a lack of self value. 

If you're a bride, hopefully this left a seed in your mind and you consider the photographs as important as I do. 


- Miguel